Export Trade Solutions:  International Factoring

Is your small business now receiving cross-border orders and you are unsure how to provide payment terms and insure payment on such international transactions?  If so, we can help!

The professionals at Factoring Master are seasoned experts in the growing area of international trade and can provide ready solutions for:

International Factoring

Without question, dealing internationally can present serious concerns for small business owners who are not yet comfortable which such transactions.  Demanding payment upfront from foreign buyers is one solution, but this typically leads to smaller orders or, in many cases, no order at all as such buyers find credit terms elsewhere.  One of the most ready solutions to such credit terms problems is international factoring.

Accounts receivable factoring accounts for trillions of dollars in financing each year internationally and is a ready solution for many small businesses.  It is, however, only one of many financial solutions we can provide at Factoring Master for those new to exporting and dealing internationally.

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Explore the possibilities!  You can learn more about how the professionals at Factoring Master can assist your business to enter international markets and succeed by simply scheduling a no-obligation phone appointment to speak with a financing specialist regarding your specific needs.  Why not contact us to begin learning more about how we can help you internationally!